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Monday, January 25 Tuesday, January 26

9:30pm -11:30am
A) Before You Begin Writing
1) Is your Work Ready to Publish?

2) Choosing a Journal

3) Getting Organized

4) Define the Question and the Answer

5) General Principles

B) Parts of a Scientific Manuscript

Definition, Content and Optimization
1) Title

2) Abstract

3) Introduction
a) Topic Sentence

b) Previous Studies

c) Gap in Exiting Knowledge

d) Background of Study

e) Hypothesis or Overall Conclusion

Lunch Read:
Writing the Abstract,

Exercise 1: Abstracts
1:00pm - 4:30pm
4) Materials and Methods
a) Purpose

b) What should be included

c) Necessary/Unnecessary Information
5) Results

6) Figures and Tables

7) Discussion

8) Continuity of the Parts
: Identify the question and the answer

Read: Intro vs. Discussion paper and
Writing the

C) Writing the First Draft
1) Organization

2) Authorship

3) Keeping Your Momentum

4) Revising the First Draft -Overview
a) First Revisions- thesis, scope,overall


b) Second Revisions- topic sentences,

documentation, clarity

c) Third Revisions- grammar
: Identify keywords in your research


Read: Plagarism Sleuths

9:30pm -11:30am
D) Revision - Part 1
1) Revise for Structure and Style
a) Structural Changes

b) Paragraph Structurei.
Topic Sentences

ii. Continuity  
iii. Emphasis- Linking Key Terms Exercise
iv. Transitions Exercise
v. Paragraph Length  
2) Revise for Clarity
a) Person and Point of View

b) Readability-Sentence Length

c) Expected Order of Ideas

d) Strings of Nouns/Adjectives

e) Hedging

f) Parallelism in Comparisons

Lunch Exercise

Identify and analyze keywords
1:00pm - 4:30pm
E) Revision - Part 2
1) Revise for Brevity
a) It - That Phrases

b) Redundancy - Condensing

c) Active and Passive Voice

d) Subject - Verb agreement

e) Connections

f) Comparisons and Lists

g) Parallelism in Sentences

h) Verb Tense

i) Treat numbers clearly and sensibly
: Comparisons and Lists

Read: Disputed Definitions
F) Grammar for Scientists
1) Word Choice
a) Recognize and Minimize Jargon

b) Choose the Right Word
i) Words Commonly Interchanged

ii) Which and That
2) Punctuation, Capitalization, Scientific
G) Final Words of Advice
1) Polishing the Final Look of your Document

2) Cover Letter

3) Responding to Reviews
H) Course Evaluation
1) Polishing the Final Look of your Document

2) Cover Letter

3) Responding to Reviews

  • Successful Scientific Writing. 2000. JR Matthews, JM Bowen,
    and RW Matthews, eds.

    Cambridge Univ Press, New York, NY.

  • Essentials of Writing Biomedical Research Papers. 2000. M Zeiger.
    McGraw Hill, USA.

  • The Art of Scientific Writing. 2004. HF Ebel, C Bliefert, WE
    Russey, eds, Wiley-VCH,Germany.

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